February 24, 2018

Williams, Formerly New Orleans City Librarian, Takes #2 Job in Fort Worth

By LJ Staff

Gertiana Williams, who headed the New Orleans Public Library for five years, has since August been assistant director at the Fort Worth Public Library, TX. Williams hopes to spearhead the development of staff and training programs in Fort Worth. Before being named to the top job in New Orleans, she was assistant library director for six years. She said she returned to her hometown for multiple reasons, including a chance to be near her family, the ‘wonderful opportunity,’ and the ‘energy and vitality of the city.’ The salary in Fort Worth is better, as well. Williams said she was proud of having helped bring some major grants to New Orleans and having gotten raises for staff, but said the system suffers from infrastructure problems and lack of funds for core services and books. The millage, unchanged since 1986, though Williams said there is talk about a new bond issue to support libraries in the future.The interim City Librarian is Bill Johnson, who was Assistant City Librarian.