February 17, 2018

PL of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Bails from Rock the Vote Event

By LJ Staff

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s board terminated plans for the library to host a Rock the Vote celebration consisting of workshops and musical performances, which had been in development for two months. "Our concern was that in participating in this event, people would perceive that the library was involved in a political activity," library spokeswoman Amy Banister told the AP. Still, Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan organization. Carmen Hillman, the apparently flustered state coordinator of Rock the Vote, criticized the library’s decision, saying, "Shouldn’t we educate young people on the issues that affect them?" Banister, however, said the board was concerned that some of the scheduled entertainers were openly political, so their very appearance at the library could be construed as support for the same political causes. The city’s Rock the Vote event was moved to the University of Cincinnati and a nightclub.