June 19, 2018

NYPL to Open Humanities Library on Sundays, Will Add Hours at Branches

By LJ Staff

For the first time since 1970, The New York Public Library’s (NYPL) iconic Humanities and Social Sciences Library building on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, will open to the public on Sundays, beginning December 5. "We recognize that Sunday afternoon is when researchers get serious about the coming week, and it is really key that they have an open library for their academic and scholarly pursuits," said David Ferriero, Andrew W. Mellon Director and Chief Executive of the Research Libraries. Also, 39 of 85 neighborhood branch libraries will add 69 hours of cumulative service per week, starting December 6. If the library suffers no mid-year budget adjustments, it will add a sixth day of public service at 14 more branches over the winter. The library cited restored city funds as the source for the new hours.