February 17, 2018

PA Libraries Penalized for Not Joining Electronic Network

By LJ Staff

The Upper St. Clair (USC) and Monroeville libraries, PA, have had their local interlibrary loan (ILL) privileges stymied by Allegheny County for refusing to use fully the county’s Electronic Information Network (eiN), a cooperative effort between the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Library Association. Lois Hoop, told LJ that USC refused to join the eiN because the Innovative Interfaces Millennium system it employs does not offer the report-generating tools on which her library heavily relies. USC is a long-time Dynix customer. ‘We do a lot of collection development to free up shelf space, so we use these reports constantly to discern what has earned space and what we need to take off,’ she said.

Janet Ballas, Monroeville’s library information systems librarian, told LJ that even though her library also uses Millennium and is pleased with it, not joining the eiNetwork ‘keeps our database separate so that we can work on it on our own and do any configuring for reporting the way we want to do it. We have access to all the reporting capabilities based on our own database instead of having the same reporting capabilities shared among many libraries.’ Monroeville’s primary concern was ‘to be able to customize things. Besides the custom reports for staff, we can make various lists available on our web site for patrons,’ Ballas said.