February 17, 2018

San Antonio Public Library Chooses Dallas’s Salazar

By LJ Staff

The San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) has finally filled its director’s post, open since August 2003, hiring Ramiro Salazar, director of the Dallas Public Library, who has in recent months served as Dallas’s interim assistant city manager. Salazar told LJ that San Antonio presents ‘a great opportunity.’ He worked there 15 years ago, heading the central library and technical services. ‘I see a lot of potential. They have a very strong foundation, they’re engaged for the library, they have a strong board, and staff dedicated to public service.’ While in Dallas, the director reports to the city manager, at SAPL he will report directly to the board, which ‘gives you much more latitude.’

The new job has the element of a homecoming for Salazar; two of his children as well as a brother and sister live in San Antonio. When he takes office the first week in April, Salazar said that a priority will be recruiting new employees to address the library’s high number of vacancies. ‘Additionally,’ he said, ‘the library foundation and the board are pushing for the establishment of a library district,’ which could provide a dedicated revenue stream for the library. One reason for the delay in filling the job was a salary range initially advertised as $76,896 to $110,736. The library increased the range, and Salazar will earn $125,000. He noted that the total compensation package is better than his current one in Dallas.