April 21, 2018

Salinas Watch: Library Fundraising Effort Reaches $240K and Climbing

By LJ Staff

As of March 21, the Rally Salinas fundraising effort to save the city’s libraries from closure almost has hit the half-way mark, raising $240,000 of the needed $500,000. ‘After rejecting a ballot measure last year that would have provided new taxes for libraries,’ reported the Los Angeles Times, ‘residents have suddenly decided to open their wallets. Contributions are pouring in.’ So are opinions. A piece in the March 21 Monterey County Herald suggested that the most efficient solution would be to fold the Salinas libraries into the Monterey County library system. ‘The cost would be $2.9 million annually,’ the paper said, ‘which is less than half a percent of the county’s annual operating budget. Just coincidentally, the Board of Supervisors spent almost that much on raises for 500 managers and department heads in January without cutting any jobs or reducing public services.’