February 17, 2018

Cindy Eubank | Movers & Shakers 2005



On June 4, 2004, a crazed man rammed an unstoppable, armor-plated bulldozer into eight buildings in Granby, CO. The library was one of them.

Three days later, Cindy Eubank and other volunteers salvaged what they could from the wrecked building. The collection had also suffered rain damage, so this was a grubby labor of love for the community. “Workers in hard hats carted items out to us, and we loaded them into horse trailers, alpaca trailers, trucks – whatever was available,” Eubank recalls. Though she worked at another library in the Grand County Library District, Eubank helped inventory what was left of the collection.

When the library’s branch manager resigned, Eubank took on the position. She worried a little about her lack of management experience, but she’d been living in Granby for two years and that was her library, her community. She wanted to be involved in the recovery.

“On Thursday, August 5, I spent the day with the resigning branch manager, picking her brain. We went through recovered paperwork and covered as many procedures as possible.” On August 6, Eubank was busy getting service restored. By the end of August, she reopened the library in a temporary modular facility and got to work planning the new building, scheduled to open in January 2006.

Having rallied to save the library, townspeople now seem eager to make it a central gathering place. On the library’s web site, Eubank reports their suggestions for the new facility. They want a cozy, warm, friendly building that fits in snugly with the town, with “lots of comfortable chairs,” a fireplace, “meeting rooms that can be used after hours,” and “crosswalks to the post office, park, and town hall.”

And that’s what Eubank is working like crazy to give them, on schedule: a new heart for a community she has successfully pulled together.



Current Position Branch Librarian, Granby Library, Grand County Library District, CO

Degree MLIS, University of Iowa, 1995

Marathon Woman Has completed ten marathons, as well as a run from north rim to the south rim of the Grand Canyon