April 24, 2018

Wi-Fi Fees Criticized at British Library

By LJ Staff

While wireless internet access at the British Library has been enormously popular, a library user has criticized the service’s hefty fees. Author and library user Heather Brooke told Information World Review, ‘A library is a free public resource, but if you want to access electronic resources at the library you are forced to pay." She noted that, by contrast, wireless access is free at the New York Public Library. (Indeed, many public libraries in the United States offer wireless access and none charge, at least as far as we’ve heard at LJ.) At the British Library, users are charged £4.50 ($8.62) per hour or £35 (approximately $67) for a monthly pass. John de Lucy of the British Library said that the company providing service does so at no cost to the library. "Demand has been high," he said. "People want to get the information using their own laptops at the desk they are at."