March 16, 2018

AAUP, Publishers Challenge Google Print

By LJ Staff

Commercial publishers and university presses alike are asking tough questions of Google concerning its plan to digitize the contents of major academic library collections. In a recent letter to Google senior intellectual property and product counsel Alexander Macgillivray, Association of American University Presses (AAUP) executive director Peter Givler noted that, while Google solicited publisher participation and permission in Google Print for Publishers last year, publishers were not informed about the Google Print for Libraries program. Google intends to copy entire works, including copyrighted material, without the copyright-holder’s permission. Google officials claim they will not make copyrighted material fully available, but the question remains: once a book has been copied digitally, can Google guarantee copyright owners that unauthorized copies will not surface? Givler asked that question and more, and requested that answers be returned by June 20.