February 17, 2018

Santa Clara, CA, Levy Passes, But Increase Nixed

By LJ Staff

Voters in Santa Clara County, CA, approved, via mail, the continuation of a library levy for another ten years. Measure A, which will reap $5.4 million annually, received 72 percent of the vote in the mail-only, month long election. However, Measure B, which would have increased the tax to raise another $1.9 million a year, failed after receiving 64 percent of the vote, just short of the two-thirds requirement. Of the nine cities in the Santa Clara County Library (SCCL), headquartered in San Jose, the Milpitas was the only one whose city council did not unanimously endorse the library measures. Diane Davis – the president of the Friends of the Milpitas Library and a Milpitas library advisory commissioner – decided to sell her home in protest and move to another city in the area, reported the San Jose Mercury-News.