April 21, 2018

Newmarket Releasing Hardcover 30th Anniversary Edition of The Jaws Log

By LJ Staff

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original summer blockbuster that scared the public off the beach and into movie theaters, Newmarket Press has released the first hardcover edition of Carl Gottlieb’s multimillion selling The Jaws Log (ISBN 1-55704-677-8, $15). Gottlieb, who both co-wrote the script with Jaws novelist Peter Benchley and appears in the film as newspaper publisher Meadows, provides a firsthand blow-by-blow account of the film’s troubled production history – it came this close to shutting down and being scrapped. Regarded as among the best ‘making of’ film tie-in titles, the 30th anniversary edition includes a new foreword by Gottlieb, an introduction by Benchley, 22 pages of behind-the-scenes pix, and an endnotes section of updates and additional production details.