February 23, 2018

IL Governor Supports Filtering Kids’ PL Net Access

By LJ Staff

Moments after signing a law banning the sale or rental of adult-oriented video games to minors, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich declared he also favors filtering library Internet workstations used by children. The Illinois Leader reported July 26 that Blagojevich made his remarks to the conservative group Concerned Women for America – Illinois when signing the bill at the Eola Public Library. Kathy Valente, the group’s state director, told Blagojevich that it was ironic that he "chose a public library for the signing where children have taxpayer-funded access to the very things he’s trying to protect them from." Blagojevich said he was unaware of library policies on children’s Internet access and told Valente he "would help." Previous efforts at filtering In Illinois have failed, but the governor had not offered direct support.