February 17, 2018

Around Buffalo, Some Closings Begin, Others Staved Off

By LJ Staff

Thanks to the willingness of four rural towns to contribute local money for support, only 16 of 52 branches in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library are slated for closure, not 20. According to the Buffalo News, officials in Alden, Boston, Eden, and Marilla agreed to supplement county funds with local funds. The library board, which is now considering closing seven branches in Buffalo and nine outside the city, will meet September 1.

Meanwhile, two communities have already announced they would close a total of four branch libraries, anticipating cuts in the system budget. The Cheektowaga PL Board of Trustees voted to close the South Cheektowaga branch on October 1 and the North Cheektowaga Branch on November 1. The community has two other libraries, and the board recognized that a 20 percent cut in October meant less support for the libraries – and that a further major cut in 2006 would have closed the libraries anyhow. In Tonawanda, the library board has voted to close the Greenhaven branch as of October 1 and the Brighton branch as of November 1. The community has five branches, but it was anticipated three of the five would close next year.