February 23, 2018

Litwin Out of “Library Juice”

By LJ Staff

In a message posted on September 22, Library Juice founder Rory Litwin announced that he had discontinued publication after 330 issues over nearly eight years. The reasons: change, both technological and personal. "Originally, Library Juice was primarily a digest of material that circulated via email and didn’t otherwise have an existence on the net," he wrote. "Most of the things that at that time would be circulated only by email are now also accessible on the web…So, over time, more and more of what would have been part of a typical issue of Library Juice in the first years became just something to link to, perhaps with a comment…. As this change took place I began publishing more original content and longer pieces."

Litwin began writing more articles and editorials himself, and says he has become more skeptical: "I’m less interested in reporting enthusiastically on the cool things that are going on in the library world (and there are a lot of them) and more interested in publishing more extended, and I hope somewhat deep, reflections on questions of progressive librarianship." He added, "I have become strongly affected by the feeling that there is too much speech, too much writing already surrounding us, available for consumption." Still, he will launch a more irregular Library Juice blog and a book publishing company called Library Juice Press, with five titles planned for publication in 2006 and 2007, using the print-on-demand printer and distributor Lightning Source.