April 23, 2018

Winfrey Picks Frey’s Rehab Memoir as New Book Club Title

By LJ Staff

The goddess of publishing known as Oprah has smiled on James Frey’s 2003 rehab memoir, A Million Little Pieces, as her next book club pick. The selection marks a return to spotlighting a contemporary writer, as Winfrey’s tastes recently turned to the classics such as Steinbeck, Dostoevsky, and Faulkner. ‘For six years, I couldn’t really read any nonfiction or biography because I thought I was wasting my time,’ Winfrey told the New York Times. ‘Now when I read something really interesting or promising, I can find a way to introduce it to the public.’ Published by Anchor Books, A Million Little Pieces (starred review, LJ, 3/1/2003, p. 106) chronicles Frey’s firsthand experience in a drug and alcohol treatment center. Anchor Books told LJ that it is printing an extra 600,000 copies to meet the demand hopefully generated by Winfrey’s Midas’ touch.