February 17, 2018

Miami-Dade Goes Wireless, San Jose On Deck

By LJ Staff

The Miami-Dade Public Library, FL, October 18 debuted a wireless network throughout its 40 branches. The library also is now lending 420 laptops to patrons purchased with a $250,000 federal grant, which funded half the expense of the installation and acquiring the Dell laptops. The Miami Herald reports that property taxes funded the remainder. According to the publication, the laptops are loaned only for an hour per patron. Miami-Dade may be joined by San Jose, CA: the city council October 25 approved the expansion of wireless access to all libraries and parks, and is soliciting bids from contractors to install the Wi-Fi components. San Jose currently sports three Wi-Fi hotspots, and while the current proposal focuses on the downtown area, the city intends ultimately to extend free Wi-Fi to its full citizenry.