April 23, 2018

Gateses, Bono Named TIME’s Persons of the Year

By LJ Staff

Cited for their philanthropic endeavors, Bill and Melinda Gates were named Persons of the Year by TIME magazine, along with rock star Bono. The TIME article, ‘From Riches to Rags‘, focused mainly on the Gateses’ initiatives in global public health, but their library efforts also gained mention. ‘In its six-year existence, the Gates Foundation has accomplished a fraction of what it aims to do. But already it has helped save at least 700,000 lives in poor countries through its investments in vaccinations. In the United States, its library project has brought computers and Internet access to 11,000 libraries,’ the article stated. Foundation head Patty Stonesifer told the magazine that the library program served as a springboard: ‘Bill and Melinda had said, ‘Well, how many libraries should we do?’ I said, ‘Well, what if we did all of them?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, what if we did all of them?’" The mission of the Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to its official description, is ‘to promote greater equity in four areas: global health, education, public libraries, and support for at-risk families in Washington State and Oregon.’