April 19, 2018

Congress Considers Tax Incentive for Book Donations

By LJ Staff

Last year, the Senate, in its Katrina tax relief bill, passed an enhanced deduction for donations of books, aimed to encourage publishers and others to donate their inventory to schools and libraries. The House of Representatives only passed a version that included public schools as recipients. Now another version of the Senate-passed provision (Sec. 305 of S. 2020) is being considered again by Congressional tax negotiators, given the need to replace lost books and educational materials in the hurricane-affected Gulf Coast region. It would extend the tax relief to donations given to libraries, universities, and literacy programs, As of now, it can make more economic sense for publishers to send books to the dump than to ship them to libraries that need them. Among those supporting the change are the Greater New Orleans Education Foundation, the office of the Louisiana State Librarian, the Louisiana Library Association, and the American Library Association.