April 19, 2018

Too publica display of affection?

By LJ Staff

Dear LJ:

Our public library recently won a tax increase, which allowed us to hire additional staff. Initially we hired a young guy right out of library school and later picked up another freshly minted MLS holder, this time a young woman, both under my supervision. The two hit it off immediately and now are dating. They’re both being professional about it, but every once in awhile I’ll catch them kissing, sometimes in front of patrons. It has made some on the staff uncomfortable. Others, however, think it’s sweet. It’s only happened a very few times, and I hate to sound puritanical, but I don’t want it to become a problem. They’re both good workers and nice people. Should I tell them to keep it private or just ignore it?
– Mother Bear

Dear Mother Bear:

It all seems harmless to us. They seem to have themselves under control, and an occasional kiss, even at the circulation or reference desk, might give the place a little springtime energy. To say anything would be to overstate the ‘problem’ or make this innocent, occasionally public show of affection into some kind of clandestine criminal act. Leave them alone! Smile on these young lovers!
Library Journal

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