February 17, 2018

Dana Eure | Movers & Shakers 2006

Making Things Happen


Dana Eure enjoys public library administration ‘because there are so many new things that you can make happen.’ She’s made a lot happen in her eight years at Union County Public Library (UCPL). Library director Martie Smith says it’s because ‘there are no bounds to her willingness to take on new challenges or train herself in new skills.’

Those challenges have included figuring out how to move 18,000 square feet of material into 5000 square feet of space when roof leaks threatened the building’s electrical transformer. Not to mention planning the computer network, managing library and construction budgets, maintaining library service amid the chaos of construction, and making herself the library’s expert on how the building’s systems work. Eure is now making a new branch library happen, having taught herself to use a library facility planning information system to develop the building program.

One important thing she made happen is outreach to Hispanics, who hadn’t been using the library. Eure obtained grant funding for a Hispanic services librarian who teaches computer classes and works with the public. The program was so well received that when the grant expired in 2003, the county took over its funding. The Hispanic population has continued to grow. ‘Because we acted when we did,’ Eure says, ‘on evenings and weekends at least half the patrons in the main library are Hispanic.’



Current Position Assistant Director, Union County Public Library, Monroe, NC
Degrees MLIS, University of North Carolina, 1997
Who knew? She once demonstrated wool-spinning at a Living History Museum