March 17, 2018

Sabrina Pacifici | Movers & Shakers 2006



Sabrina Pacifici has won numerous awards for her monthly online journal, LLRX (one of the first on the web), and her daily web log, beSpacific, each visited monthly by more than 100,000 readers worldwide. People are astonished when they learn she does all this after she comes home from her real job at a ‘global 10 law firm.’ Their immediate question is always, ‘When does she sleep?’

She doesn’t. She’s too busy prowling through online court decisions, international news sources, polls, reports from government agencies and watchdog groups, press releases, and journal articles so that she can post annotated links to them on beSpacific. She’s too busy properly cataloging these items and maintaining the site’s ever-growing knowledge base of 8000-plus items.

She’s too busy editing and writing articles for LLRX and maintaining its searchable archive of over 1500 items. She’s too busy keeping up with new technology that will improve her sites’ usefulness and usability. She’s too busy speaking at hundreds of professional conferences on blogging, online legal research, privacy, and cybersecurity. She’s too busy serving as adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland’s Center for Information Policy.

In presenting her with the 2004 ‘Blawggie’ award for Best Overall Legal Blog, Dennis M. Kennedy, an expert on technology in the practice of law, said, ‘The overwhelming consensus was that Sabrina Pacifici’s was not only first on the list but first by a wide margin.’

What drives Pacifici? Her relentless curiosity and her passion for providing top-quality information on professional concerns like privacy, freedom of information, e-government, copyright, and proposed technology legislation. What’s a little sleep next to that?



Current Position Editor and Publisher,; beSpacific (
Degrees MLS, Catholic University of America, 1982
Honors ‘Best Overall Legal Blog,’ Blawg Review Awards 2004; recognized as one of the top eight online legal researchers in North America in Law of the Super Searchers (Information Today, 1999)