March 17, 2018

Guelph PL Creates Vendor Credit for New Orleans PL

By LJ Staff

The Guelph Public Library, ON, anticipated the New Orleans Public Library’s (NOPL) recent request for cash rather than books, as last year it established a credit account for the hurricane-hit system with a common vendor. Money that originally was intended to fund the board’s share of a Christmas dinner for library staff instead was used to establish a credit at Baker & Taylor (B&T). "The donation was a one-time effort by this library to assist a sister institution facing what must be one of the absolutely worst nightmares a library could ever cope with," said chief librarian Norman McLeod. Guelph PL’s association with its Louisiana counterpart goes back more than a decade, when McLeod and others made a site visit there to look at an automation product and NOPL staffers were quite helpful, McLeod recalled. "I am sure that if other individuals or institutions would like to assist NOPL through the same mechanism, B&T would be more than happy to be of assistance."