March 24, 2018

Library Cards Get Bonus on Free Comic Book Day

By LJ Staff

The comic book industry, along with stores and libraries, celebrated the fifth annual Free Comic Book Day last Saturday, and some stores, like Comickaze of San Diego, made a special effort to help libraries. ‘All attendees will have their pick of up to four comics and in an effort to encourage use of our city libraries, those flashing a San Diego Public Library Card will be able to grab an additional two issues,’ announced owner Robert Scott on At four branches of the Hawaii State Public Library System, anyone with a library card could receive one of five free comic books, thanks to a partnership with the local store Collector Maniacs. Librarians from several systems reported similar partnerships, in messages on the Graphic Novels in Libraries electronic mailing list. One pointed out that, because of the libraries’ distribution of fliers stating the source of the comics, those comic book stores may have gained new customers.