February 17, 2018

Florida Governor Vetoes Library Supplement

By LJ Staff

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, as part of $448.7 million in line item vetoes, on May 25 vetoed a $2.2 million supplemental library appropriation for Florida public libraries. Because state funding has decreased by $1.6 million in the past few years, from $33.4 million to $31.8 million, the supplemental appropriation aimed to keep up with inflation and service to new residents. "We do not understand why the Governor would veto funding for Florida’s public libraries,’ said Sol Hirsch, president of the Florida Library Association. "Libraries work hard to support the Governor’s priorities, state agencies, and programs. We had no indication from the Governor’s Office that there were problems all session and frankly we were surprised. The Republican governor, according to the Miami Herald, said that the state needed to save for a ”rainy day” fund.  

"This budget represents our conservative approach to government ” Hirsch said, "We want to thank the many legislators who worked hard for this appropriation and we look forward to working with them next year.’ It looks like librarians have allies. Sen. Nan Rich (D-Sunrise) told the Herald: ”These values are not my values. My values seek to help the people who are the most vulnerable. I wouldn’t cut disease-research programs, jail diversion or library programs,” Rich said. The veto represents about .63% of the $71 billion budget.