March 20, 2018

X Marks the Spot at the Box Office: X3 Opening Sets Record Holiday Haul

By LJ Staff

Who says comics aren’t the mainstream: X-Men: The Last Stand, the third and supposed last installment in the series based on the Marvel Comic’s heroes, hauled in a holiday weekend box office record of $120.1 million, beginning with a $45.5 million record for a Friday opening. Despite mixed reviews from critics and fans concerns over the change in directors from Bryan Singer, who did the previous X films, to Brett Rattner, the film pummeled The Da Vinci Code‘s remarkable $77 million previous weekend opening (geeks rule, baby!). While the film was billed as the series finale, with profits already more than a billion, the writers wisely included an additional scene after the closing credits setting up a potential fourth film. A separate solo film featuring only the Wolverine character played by Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman is also in talks.