February 17, 2018

Hennepin County Library (86 y.o., Female) on MySpace

By LJ Staff

If you search on Google for "Hennepin County Library," the fourth Google entry for the Minnetonka, MN-based system is HCL’s MySpace site. Even though the site has only drawn about 4500 users since March, the Google rank is a testament to MySpace’s burgeoning presence on the Internet. "It’s so popular," HCL’s Judy Hohmann told LJ, "We just saw we could have a presence and serve as a resource." The MySpace site is aimed mainly at teens, the most fervent users of the social networking site, with links to HCL’s TeenLinks page and listings of events. "We thought it was really logical to link our MySpace space with out teen programming," said Hohmann, division manager for partnerships & communications.

HCL even provides a way for users to install the library catalog search box on their MySpace page. Now HCL has 300 "friends" who’ve linked to the library site, and "potentially that would connect us to their friends," said Hohmann. Of course, there are some complications. HCL warns visitors that it "does not in any way endorse the ads at the top of this page." And given the format of MySpace, HCL must choose a gender and an age, so on the Internet, it is female and 86 years old.