April 23, 2018

More Good Budget News for Richland County PL

By LJ Staff

The Richland County Public Library (RCPL), Columbia, SC, has received its largest budget increase in more than 12 years – a 13.2 percent increase in local funding for the fiscal year that began July 1. The new budget is $17.9 million, up $1.9 million. Adding grants and special funds, RCPL’s per capita funding exceeds $56. The materials budget has risen 22 percent, to $3.3 million. "Community support and an active Library Board of Directors and Friends of the Library made it possible for RCPL to receive its full funding request this year," said RCPL executive director David Warren. "Library users in Richland County are not shy about vocalizing their support to County Council. That level of support has been a driving force behind 27 years of consecutive budget increases." RCPL was the Gale/LJ National Library of the Year in 2001.