February 16, 2018

Archives for August 2006

A Twist in Georgia: Nonlibrarian Temporarily Manages Main Library

By LJ Staff The nine-branch Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System, GA, is going through some changes, and one of them involves Gary Wortley, a businessman hired to temporarily manage the main library in Columbus. System director Claudya Muller noted that, until 2001, it was the director’s job to manage the main library. The branch manager […]

IFLA/OCLC Select 2007 Fellows

By LJ Staff The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and OCLC have selected the 2007 crop of Early Career Development fellows. The program aids future librarians and information specialists in "countries with developing economies" by providing the means for continuing education and "exposure to a broad range of issues in information technologies, […]

Philip K. Dick Being Profiled in Two Biopics

By LJ Staff Author Philip K. Dick’s science fiction adventures have fueled many Hollywood features, from Blade Runner in the 1980s to the recent A Scanner Darkly. Now Dick himself is going to be the focus of two biopics. London’s Guardian reports that the films will take entirely different tacks, with the more high-profile production […]

British Library Acquires Coleridge Family Archive

By LJ Staff The British Library has acquired a massive archive – 29 boxes of papers and 350 bound volumes – of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s extended family, including unknown verses by the poet as well as letters, journals, and court notes from the three generations of the poet’s family, most of whom served as judges. […]

Ramsey Suspect’s Family Seeking Book Deal

By LJ Staff Murder suspect John Mark Karr had barely touched down on U.S. soil before relatives had hired producer Mark Garrison to field offers for book and film deals, the AP reports. Though the move immediately might sound mercenary, Garrison asserts that the family of the man extradited from Thailand to the United States […]

LJ Talks to Harry Shearer

By LJ Staff Harry Shearer has been just about everything in his show business career, starting out as a child star on the Jack Benny Show. He’s been a writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live, a screenwriter and actor (in such cult classics as This is Spinal Tap), and has created memorable characters, […]

Wichita, Albany Libraries Unveil New Plans

By LJ Staff The board of the Wichita Public Library (WPL), KS, has unveiled a $56 million, 15-year master plan for libraries, involving a new 135,000 square foot central library by 2011 and two 25,000 square foot regional libraries to replace three smaller branches, a new 7500 square foot library replacing two other branches, and […]

Indianapolis Library Union Moves Ahead

By LJ Staff After months of resistance, the board of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has agreed to recognize a library union if 75 percent of eligible library workers support it. The seven-member board voted unanimously; Board president Louis Mahern told the Indianapolis Star, "I have no objection to a union, but I was not […]

At IFLA’s Library and Information “Olympics,” South Korea Goes for the Gold

By LJ Staff For just the third time, the annual World Library and Information Congress of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) was being held in an Asian country, Seoul, South Korea. And according to the English-language Korea Times, which described the five-day event last week as a "library and information Olympics," […]

CA Library Director Orders Removal of Free Magazine’s “Sexuality” Issue

By LJ Staff The director of the San Luis Obispo City-County Library, CA ordered the removal and recycling of hundreds of copies of the bimonthly HopeDance magazine (motto: "Radical Solutions Inspiring Hope"), which is regularly stacked on the library’s free newspaper shelves. "This particular issue seems to be dedicated to sex, including some graphical illustrations," […]