February 17, 2018

Philip K. Dick Being Profiled in Two Biopics

By LJ Staff

Author Philip K. Dick’s science fiction adventures have fueled many Hollywood features, from Blade Runner in the 1980s to the recent A Scanner Darkly. Now Dick himself is going to be the focus of two biopics. London’s Guardian reports that the films will take entirely different tacks, with the more high-profile production to star Paul Giamatti, who, the publication said, will do double duty as co-producer with Dick’s estate. "We knew this was going to happen, but we wanted it to be something that was more multifaceted, not just ‘let’s focus on this guy’s five wives and drugs,’" the writer’s daughter, Laura Leslie, told the Guardian. "It’s going to be non-traditional. It’s about the creativity and not the events." The second film, oddly enough, reportedly will be a comedy starring Bill Pullman as Dick.