April 23, 2018

Ramsey Suspect’s Family Seeking Book Deal

By LJ Staff

Murder suspect John Mark Karr had barely touched down on U.S. soil before relatives had hired producer Mark Garrison to field offers for book and film deals, the AP reports. Though the move immediately might sound mercenary, Garrison asserts that the family of the man extradited from Thailand to the United States after confessing to the ten-year unsolved murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, who was found murdered in her parents Boulder, CO, home in December 1996, needs quick cash to hire a top attorney to defend the suspect and pay his three children’s college tuition. So far, neither a publisher nor film studio has made the Karrs an offer for their story. The suspect, whose confession has been steeped in controversy and questions, will remain in a Los Angeles jail until being transferred to Boulder to stand trial.