April 22, 2018

Librarian/Thief Avoids UK Jail Sentence

By LJ Staff

Though librarian Norman Buckley stole more than 500 antiquarian books from Manchester Central library in the UK and tried to sell several of them on eBay, he didn’t get any jail time. Rather, as the Guardian reported, he got a suspended jail sentence. The total value of his thefts was initially estimated at £250,000 ($470,000), and then cut by about a third. Buckley was fired, and then pleaded guilty to ten counts of theft. Though he faced up to six months in prison for each count, instead he was ordered to perform 250 hours of community service. His 15-month jail term was suspended for two years because he cooperated with police to find 92% of the books. His lawyer said that Buckley was distraught, seeking emotional release, rather than trying to get rich.