February 17, 2018

Chute Reappointed IMLS Deputy Director for Libraries

By LJ Staff

Mary L. Chute has been appointed to a second term as the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) Deputy Director for Library Services, according to an announcement by IMLS Director Anne-Imelda M. Radice. Chute, who was first appointed by Robert S. Martin in 2002, served as the IMLS acting director after Martin’s term expired in July 2005 until Radice’s confirmation in March 2006. As Deputy Director, Chute serves as the senior library and information policy official at the Institute. She is responsible for advising the director, leading the Office of Library Services, acting as liaison with the library community, and providing input on the agency’s strategic plan. By statute the deputy also serves as an ex-officio member of the National Museum and Library Services Board.