April 18, 2018

Comments Welcomed on Burger’s Library Agenda Draft

By LJ Staff

American Library Association (ALA) President Leslie Burger has released the discussion draft of "Toward a National Agenda for Libraries", which got a kickstart from a December 10-11 meeting in Washington, DC to identify ways to gain support for improving libraries and build a case for investing in libraries at local, state, and national levels.

The national agenda involves six major theme areas, each with five or six proposed agenda items:

  • Libraries preserve the past and provide a bridge to the future
  • Libraries build and strengthen communities
  • Libraries support lifelong learning
  • Libraries create information and technology literate communities
  • Libraries encourage economic development
  • Libraries support democracy

Burger and the National Library Agenda Task Force seek comments nationalagenda@princetonlibrary.org by February 15, so the discussion can continue and an agenda can be posted April 16, two weeks before the May 1 National Library Legislative Day.