April 24, 2018

Archives for March 2007

Portland, ME, Main Library Move Will Be Up to Voters

By LJ Staff The board of the Portland Public Library (PPL), ME, would like to move PPL’s central library into a nearby former public market building, arguing that the more open layout could be better renovated to serve future library needs. But that would cost over a million dollars more than renovating the existing 28-year-old […]

We’re Keeping Score, Too

By Ashley Pillow, Diana Holden, & Karen Hinton Job candidates offer 15 tips for a better interview process There is much advice to be found in the library literature pertaining to new librarians obtaining their first professional position. But what of advice to libraries on attracting qualified candidates? Here, three graduates from the School of […]

Virginia Passes State Version of CIPA

By LJ Staff Virginia has become the second state to pass a state version of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), joining Utah in requiring libraries to use filters to block child pornography and obscenity, and, for minors, "harmful to minors" material. Unlike the 2000 federal law, which ties filters to receipt of E-rate telecomm […]

VTLS Offers No Roaming Deal

By LJ Staff VTLS is offering a free license to its Virtua ILS system under a new "No Roaming" program to North American libraries that agree "to sign a three-year maintenance agreement." To sweeten the deal further, the first five takers will be eligible for a 50 percent discount on the vendor’s VITAL digital repository […]

Emerald Launches Management First

By LJ Staff UK’s Emerald Group has launched Emerald Management First, "an online information solution tailored for the manager at work." Subscribers to Emerald Management First will have full text access to 11 Emerald journals specifically "selected for relevance to the corporate sector, with articles covering topics such as strategy, brand management, and maintaining competitive […]

Child Online Protection Act Struck Down Again

By LJ Staff In a blow to the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), a federal judge last week struck down the 1998 law, saying that it violates constitutional free speech. COPA aimed to keep Internet pornography from children by requiring commercial web sites to bar their access to "harmful to minors" material, such as by […]

Netflix Deal? Brooklyn Public Library Says Not So Fast

By LJ Staff A caffeinated New York Post report Friday that the Brooklyn Public Library was negotiating with Netflix to deliver DVDs and videos to library card holders rocketed around the Internet, but the library is far from a deal. Rather, library spokesman Jason Carey told LJ that the idea of expanding the library’s home […]

Interim Director Mack-Harvin Gets Brooklyn PL Nod; First Black Woman To Head Major NY Library

By LJ Staff Dionne Mack-Harvin, the 34-year-old interim executive director of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) since Ginnie Cooper’s departure in June 2006, was named executive director of the system on Wednesday. Her appointment makes her the first African-American woman to head a major library in the state, according to a mayoral press release. Mack-Harvin […]

Minneapolis-Hennepin County Library Merger Faces Salary Snag

By LJ Staff The merger of the Minneapolis Public Library into the suburban Hennepin County, endorsed by the respective library boards and the Minneapolis City Council, has hit a snag because of the challenge of harmonizing two different unionized compensation systems. The Hennepin County Commission has twice postponed a vote on endorsing the merger, noting […]

Working Group on Bibliographic Control Wades into the Murky Future

By LJ Staff The first meeting of the Library of Congress (LC)-organized Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control was held March 8 at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, and, according to LC’s meeting summary, participants agreed that "current bibliographic data do not fully meet the needs" of either end users (information consumers) […]