April 20, 2018

Catherine Vanstone | Movers & Shakers 2007

Right at Home


When Catherine Vanstone became assistant director for technology, training, and development for the Southwest Georgia Regional Library, she was coming home. One of the branches she serves is the library she grew up in, the library that helped her decide to become a librarian. At all three branches, she’s teaching elderly patrons who remind her of her own grandparents how to use email, fill out online government forms, and find useful information on the web.

Perhaps it’s because of her roots in the community that Vanstone is, as Assistant Director Tom Bush says, ‘at ease with any audience,’ whether they’re politicians, business owners, community leaders, or ordinary people. That makes it easy for her to get the community to help her market library programs like last February’s traveling Anne Frank/Holocaust Exhibit.

She enlisted help from local chambers of commerce and social organizations and invited high school students to serve as docents. ‘When you can get people to collaborate, they also want the project to succeed,’ she says. Succeed it did, with over 9200 visitors from all over the region, including members of two Florida synagogues and classes from schools in three counties.

Vanstone enjoys the variety in her work. She writes regular newspaper columns, teaches technology, builds collections, answers questions, gets involved with local organizations, and stages events like Harry Potter Jeopardy. Above all, she likes knowing that the place she’s making a difference is her own hometown.




CURRENT POSITION Assistant Director for Technology, Training, and Development, Southwest Georgia Regional Library, Bainbridge

DEGREES MLS, Indiana University, 2005

MYSTERY LOVER The first thing she unpacked in her new house was her Nancy Drew collection