February 17, 2018

Dustin Holland | Movers & Shakers 2007

A Win-win Solution


What would you do if someone offered, at no charge, to sell your library’s unwanted books, return proceeds to your library and a nonprofit partner of your choice, and then share the company’s profits with literacy partners in the United States and abroad?

Like Brooklyn Public Library’s Christine Stenstrom, you might nominate Dustin Holland, director of the Library Division of Better World Books (BWB), to be an LJ ‘Mover & Shaker.’

It’s also why Stenstrom introduced Holland – ‘one of the best library vendors I have ever worked with’ – to the staff of the New Orleans Public Library. They needed help dealing with masses of donated books after Hurricane Katrina, not all of which fit their collection needs. So far, Holland’s program has converted the unneeded volumes into over $34,000.

BWB’s CEO sent Holland to the American Library Association annual conference in 2004 to ‘make something happen.’ After speaking with over 100 librarians about the problems of book disposal, Holland created a program that provides a guilt-free solution. Holland says that since then, BWB has generated $1 million in revenue for client libraries and nearly half that for the libraries’ designated literacy partners, which include Books for Africa, Room To Read, and library foundations and Friends organizations, among others. In 2006 alone, libraries shipped more than 2.4 million books to BWB, saving more than 96 truckloads of items from America’s landfills. Having traveled to Africa, where he witnessed the end result – books being distributed to schools and libraries – Holland knows his company is ‘doing more than servicing a need in the library industry. We’re touching the lives of real people: locally, nationally, and globally.’

Through his efforts, so are the libraries with which he works.




CURRENT POSITION Director, Library Division, Better World Books, Alpharetta, GA

DEGREES MBA, Georgia State University, 2004

SOCIAL CLIMBER Hiked the Inca trail from Km 82 to Machu Picchu