April 19, 2018

VTLS Partners With VCOM for Digital Medical Library

By LJ Staff

VTLS has joined forces with the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) to create a digital library supporting "the teaching, scholarship, and research in osteopathic medicine." The digital library project, called OSTMED.DR is based on VITAL, the vendor's institutional repository product. The library, said VTLS, contains citations to published literature in osteopathic medicine and wherever possible the full text of articles and other publications. According to the vendor, three methods were used to create the full-text content and other digital objects:

• Born-digital objects and objects that have previously been digitized are simply cataloged with the relevant metadata and ingested into the repository.

• Articles in journals and other publications for which the project has received permission are scanned and converted to PDF files and indexed for full-text searching. Historical materials also fall into this category. Metadata records are created for these articles before they are incorporated into the repository.

• Owners of copyrighted journals are being contacted to see if selected articles from their materials can also be included in the repository. A panel of experts has been formed to help select the articles to be included.

OSTMED.DR also features the ability to retrieve the digital object via a laptop or desktop, full-text indexing of all PDF documents, and browsing by numerous indexes; the full contents of the repository may be viewed easily using faceted search techniques. Access is free through August 2007, with institutional and personal subscriptions starting in September 2007. VITAL is based on Fedora, the open source digital repository project.

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