June 19, 2018

Revolt in Sacramento, or Jackass 3

Before the long weekend (mine was great, how was yours?) I meant to discuss a story detailing how the Sacramento PL staff are pissed off at the administration because centralized selection is sending its collection straight to hell. It seems 600 staffers and patrons signed a petition demanding action, citing numerous copies of  garbage like yardbird Paris Hilton's autobiography and 30 copies of the Jackass 2  DVD clogging their collection, while classics get yanked and tossed if they haven't circulated over a given time slot.  I recently wrote a How Do You Manage called Weed Killer about that very thing (score another one for me!).

Alas, I was waylaid by another story and never got to Sacramento. Pure luck, because the Sacramento Bee has this little gem of an update. Seems the crappy collection policy is one of many grievances staff has with the bosses. Along with stocking a lot of pop junk, a former librarian claims the admins annually reject $50,000 worth of free children's and YA books without explanation. There also are security issues, with Steve Crouch, the local AFL-CIO agent, saying that "libraries in certain neighborhoods are becoming magnets for troublemakers, gang members, and pedophiles."

There are two sides to every story, and administrators were not on hand to defend themselves, so this could be just a lot of old beefs bubbling to the serface. But if these accusations are true, you can easily see why they would have an affinity for something called Jackass.