February 17, 2018

InfoTech: EBSCO Marketing Nursing Reference Center

By Michael Rogers

EBSCO has released Nursing Reference Center (NRC), a “point-of-care” tool for the nursing industry. The vendor said that NRC includes Evidence-based Care Sheets from CINAHL, a leading nursing education database. EBSCO said that CINAHL’s editors have “taken the top conditions and treatments and written these care sheets using the latest medical information and including common nursing language and symbols such as Red Flags and High Alerts.” The database also includes reference books, nursing guidelines, and drug information as well as daily health news. Patient education information to help patients understand their conditions and treatments or procedures also is included. NRC allows nursing administrators “to custom-make information packets based on what a nurse would encounter on a given floor or department and allows nurses to find the latest information about common diagnoses, tests, and drug treatments.” The content also can also be accessed from electronic health records.