April 19, 2018

Design Institute 2007-Going Green

By LJ Staff

To visit Library Journal’s 2008 Design Institute being held in San Francisco, CA,
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In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, many librarians have already taken steps toward energy conservation and the recycle, repurpose, reuse mantra in their building programs. No one building a new library or renovating an older one can ignore that imperative. But there has been lots of progress since the first libraries started going green.

At this year’s full-day Design Institute seminar, architects, librarians, and planners shared the latest developments and options, addressed concerns about costs, and revealed cutting-edge solutions now being adopted.

The day offered a hands-on component too, as librarians and planners broke out into smaller groups led by our architect sponsors, where they focused on specific design challenges based on real-world projects submitted in advance by participant librarians. The challenges didn’t have to focus solely on going green, but the results incorporated green solutions into the design.





2006 Design Institute Program


A global leader in library innovation for more than 35 years, 3M Library Systems provides security, productivity and information management solutions that harness technology to enable a more human library, freeing librarians to spend more time doing what they do best – helping patrons.

Agati Inc
Agati is a furniture manufacturer providing design, engineering, fabrication, and installation services. Agati designs are characterized by a blend of aesthetics and engineering to create superior and enduring furniture. Choose Agati for nationally recognized design, service, quality, and performance.

Founded in 1968, Burnidge Cassell Associates offers expertise in a full range of architectural and planning disciplines. We provide fresh solutions to the wide range of design and operational challenges within the library community. Our studio-based organization insures that your design team will be intimately familiar with library design and operations.

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects
BDMD Architects designs libraries for life, including some that produce as much energy as they use. We believe truly sustainable libraries are designed to grow gracefully through dynamic response to a world of accelerating change.

David Milling Architects
Library architects, planners, and interior designers. Recent work includes new, expanded, and renovated facilities, including preservation and LEED projects. Needs assessment, programming, budgeting, public workshops, feasibility studies, and assistance with funding mechanisms.

Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd
We believe good design begins with good conversation. That’s how we’ve approached each of the more than 100 libraries we’ve worked on to date. Listening and learning from the people who use the space is the best way to design a building they will embrace. We’re currently working with librarians in Dallas, TX, Fargo, ND, Norman, OK, St. Cloud, MN, and Van Buren, AR.

PSA-Dewberry is a full service A/E firm offering creative, flexible, functional, library design expertise in the collaborative planning, building design, interior and thematic design on over 150 new and renovated Library projects.

Tappé is a full-service architectural firm designing compelling environments for traditional and contemporary libraries. Employing an interactive design process called “leadership through collaboration” Tappé involves the entire library community in the design process to ensure initial success and enduring relevance.

Universal Air Lift
Universal Air Lift specializes in the relocation of your complete library. By combining moving technology and skilled physical movers, Universal Air Lift is the source for your next library move. Library moves are made easy with our moving and relocation system, refined over years of experience and hundreds of moves.

In addition, Universal Air Lift (UAL) specializes in the state of the art lifting device which employs pneumatic technology to safely and efficiently relocate, reposition, and rearrange heavy, loaded shelving with ease. The UAL Smart Move saves time and labor.