February 17, 2018

PA Book Sale Volunteers Find Abolitionist Text and Slave Memoir

By Andrew Albanese

Volunteers sorting through books for a public library book sale came across a rare find: a single, leatherbound volume containing a first edition of Lydia Maria Child’s 1833 book, An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called African, and an 1840 second edition of The Slave: Memoirs of Archy Moore. Liza Holzinger, coordinator of the Bethlehem (PA) Area Public Library book sale, told reporters she couldn’t believe what landed on her desk. “I was pretty impressed by it, especially after I started doing research on the topic,” she said. 
Holzinger confirmed the library has no idea where the books came from and will not keep the volumes, since it does not collect rare books actively in that area of history. She does, however, expect the finds to add nicely to the book sale’s coffers, landing as much as $500 from either a collector—or perhaps an interested academic library? The sale is scheduled to end September 29.