April 19, 2018

Archives for October 2007

Book News: Japanese Manga Sales Falling

By Michael Rogers USA Today reports that manga sales in Japan have begun declining, although its market still weighs in at a remarkable $4.1 billion. With a drop of 4 percent in 2006, overall sales are down almost $900 million since 1995—from 1.34 billion copies sold then to 745 million in 2006—a significant fall off. […]

ALA, ARL Want Congress To Require Warrants for Searches in Libraries

By Norman Oder The American Library Association (ALA) and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) are seeking language that would ensure that law enforcement requests for library patron records or the surveillance of library users through library networks go through judicial review. In a position statement regarding the pending RESTORE Act and other proposals to […]

LJ Talks to Don Borchert

By Norman Oder Don Borchert, a library assistant 1 and 12-year employee of the Torrance Public Library, CA, has written a memoir of his library life, Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks, and Gangstas in the Public Library, coming November 13 from Virgin Books. LJ’s Norman Oder asked how it came about. DB: I’ve been writing […]

InfoTech: Duke University Press Licenses ebrary Platform

By Michael Rogers Duke University Press (DUP) is the latest to license ebrary’s platform. The vendor said that Duke will use its platform “to host and deliver a new ebook product, the e-Duke University Press.” The product will be beta tested by a number of library partners throughout 2008, with a scheduled release date the […]

LC, UNESCO Sign World Digital Library Agreement

By Andrew Albanese Less than a year after Librarian of Congress James H. Billington detailed for international librarians at UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) headquarters in Paris initial plans to create a global digital library, Billington returned to Paris last week to announce that LC and UNESCO have signed a deal […]

Max Planck Society Drops Springer Deal Over Pricing

By Andrew Albanese In a dramatic sign of the tensions over pricing bundled journal deals, the Max Planck Society (MPS), a major German research organization, issued a strongly worded statement in cancelling access to Springer’s online collection of journals. The cancellation will take effect as of December 31, 2007. MPS Vice President Kurt Mehlhorn said […]

Book News: Poet Alice Notley Wins Marshall Prize

By Michael Rogers The Academy of American Poets has selected Alice Notley’s Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems 1970–2005 (Wesleyan Univ. Pr.) the winner of the 2007 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize. Judges David Baker, Mark McMorris, and Marie Ponsot chose Notley’s work for the $25,000 prize, the latter saying that “these poems give us […]

ALA Names Presidential Candidates: Alire, Williams

By Norman Oder An academic librarian and a school librarian, both also library educators, have been named candidates for the 2009-2010 presidency of the American Library Association (ALA).  Camila Alire, dean emerita at the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, currently teaches in the Simmons College Ph.D. program in […]

Fires Close Libraries, Affect Campuses in Southern California

By Lynn Blumenstein & Norman Oder Libraries and campuses in Southern California have been closed or affected by fires raging throughout the region. While yesterday all 32 branches of the San Diego County Library were closed, eight remained closed today, with materials delivery slower than usual. Eight of 36 branches at the San Diego Public […]

InfoTech: ProQuest Adds UK’s Guardian and The Observer to Historical Newspapers

By Michael Rogers ProQuest is expanding its popular Historical Newspapers offerings, now adding the first overseas publications. The vendor October 15 announced that Britain’s Guardian, covering the years 1821–2003 and The Observer, 1791–2003, are being digitized by Olive Software and converted to ProQuest’s specifications, giving Historical Newspapers users access to 212 continuous years’ worth of […]