April 19, 2018

Book News: Papercutz Reviving Classics Illustrated

By Michael Rogers

  • Series launches in January 2008
  • Both plain abridged versions and expansive Deluxe editions
  • First title The Wind in the Willows
  • Adaptations by artist experts

Graphic novel publisher Papercutz is reintroducing the noted Classics Illustrated comics, which ceased publication a decade ago. Papercutz said that beginning in January 2008, it is “reviving the series in two formats.” A plain vanilla edition presents abridged versions of classic novels, and a Deluxe version featuring longer, more expansive adaptations. The line launches with Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic The Wind in the Willows, adapted by Michel Plessix. Later volumes include Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, adapted by Rick Geary, followed by Grimm’s Fairy Tales and H.G. Wells’s The Invisible Man.

“Each adaptation will come from an artist with a special expertise in the book’s tone and topic. Great Expectations’ Geary, for example, is the writer-artist of the Treasury of Victorian Murder graphic-novel series and an expert in Dickensian England,” the publisher said.