February 17, 2018

InfoTech: Springer Supplying MARC to OCLC

By Michael Rogers

  • Springer Science+Business providing MARC 21 Records for eBook Collection
  • MARC records also available for non-OCLC customers
  • All records in single location
  • Fee for downloading

Springer Science+Business has formed a partnership with OCLC to provide MARC 21 records for the Springer eBook Collection. Springer said that OCLC customers will be able to “obtain these records using their usual download workflows.” Springer added that it “has developed its own MARC records, using Springer metadata, to answer the needs of non-OCLC subscribers.”

They are available both as batch-loadable files for the complete Springer eBook Collection as well as individually for each of the 13 English-language and five German ebook collections.

Springer said that all MARC records for Springer ebooks have been collected in one location and one download file; it is charging a minimal fee for downloading records through the collection sets. The vendor’s ebook collection consists of textbooks, monographs, reference works, handbooks, and encyclopedias.