February 17, 2018

Book News: Univ. of Pittsburgh Pr. Tackling Digital Publishing

By Michael Rogers

  • 30 titles from Latin American series available
  • Library scanning the books
  • If successful, other titles will follow

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the University of Pittsburgh Press is taking the digital publishing plunge in a joint project with the school’s library. The press is mounting 30 titles from its Latin American series that are at least three years old and making them available for free on its website. “Right now, it’s an experiment to learn how people use our books,” Peter Kracht, director of electronic publishing, told the Post-Gazette.

“We’re making one small portion of our back list available so we can watch for usage patterns. Are they looking for references, for material for classes or their writings? How do our books satisfy different uses?” The library is scanning the book pages into digital images, which are put up on the press’s homepage.

“The press is tapping the kind of resources that only the library can bring us,” press director Cynthia Miller told the Post-Gazette. If the program is successful, more books from other series will be made available electronically.