February 16, 2018

OverDrive Backing epub Standard

By Michael Rogers

OverDrive is the latest company to support the International Digital Publishing Forum‘s (IDPF) epub digital publication standard for ebooks. Beginning in early 2008, its “global network of libraries, schools, and retailers will be able to access ebooks and digital publications in the ‘epub’ format through its digital media warehouse Content Reserve,” OverDrive said.

The move comes as little surprise, as OverDrive CEO Steve Potash doubles as IDPF’s president. Nonetheless, the epub standard is advantageous to publishers as it allows them to produce content in a single digital publication instead of producing multiple formats for competing platforms.

OverDrive, an IDPF member, joins Hachette Book Group USA (see InfoTech, LJ 12/07, p. 31), Adobe Systems, Sony, and others behind the new format.