February 16, 2018

Go, Rodney! Librarian Honored at Black History Celebration

While warming my guts with a cup of Irish Breakfast and flipping through Newsday’s Long Island edition this AM, I came coming across an inspiring and heart-warming story on the Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library’s Rodney Marve, who was honored at the Town of Islip’s Black History Celebration. Rodney has been at the library for 39 years, working his way up from shoveling snow and shelving books at 19 to assistant director. He also earned an MLS along the way.

Definitely click through and read his story, which represents that of thousands of great librarians out there in little places across the country. They might not be doing anything super cutting edge, but they’re delivering solid service to the public. And that’s good enough for me.

Congrats, Rodney! Way to go, man.