February 18, 2018

Pelzer, Dave. Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in Your Life.

Center Street. Jun. 2008. c.192p. ISBN 978-1-59995-065-5. $22.99. PSYCH

While many self-help gurus claim to have influenced millions of people’s lives, Pelzer actually has. A Child Called “It,his best-selling memoir about surviving a horrifically abusive upbringing, has practically become a textbook in high schools across the country. Here, he also strives to help readers become successful against the odds, touting a commonsense yet compelling message: believe in yourself, let go of the past, take responsibility, and have faith. The mostly three-part chapters elaborate on his philosophy, share anecdotes from his life, and feature a list of questions for readers to ask themselves about the chapter’s teachings. Pelzer’s writing style is a long way from elegant. Conjuring the military man he was, it is straightforward and commanding and reflects the years Pelzer has spent analyzing his past to put it in order. The strength of this book is his ability to overcome and imbue others with hope. Recommended for all public libraries, especially where Pelzer’s previous books were popular.—Mary E. Jones, Los Angeles P.L.