April 21, 2018

American Library Association Conference 2008, Anaheim, CA: Before,During, and After Coverage from Library Journal

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Now Playing: At the reception for Library of the Year Laramie County Library System, WY, LJ‘s Norman Oder talks to Laramie County Commissioner Jack Knudson about the community’s embrace of the library.


LJ News online, 7/15/08: TitlePlayer: New Preloaded Audiobook Debuts
Playaway, watch out—another preloaded, reusable audiobook has entered the library market… >>

LJ News online, 7/15/08: ALA Panel Promotes Education Campaign for 2009 Digital TV Conversion
The change from analog to digital television (DTV) programming on February 17, 2009 may cause significant disruption for U.S. households… >>

LJ News online, 7/9/08: Did ALA Members Like Going to Anaheim? Strong Disagreements Surface
Most attendees at the 2008 American Library Association annual conference in Anaheim, CA agree that the weather was pleasant…€”lucky, given sweltering temperatures the week before. >>

Tennant: Digital Libraries blog post, 7/8/08: How Does a Library Get Better the More It’s Used?
You might think that after writing two posts on topics from the same ALA program that I would have exhausted my material… >>

Early Arrivals

LJ News online, 7/8/08: ALA To Study Educational Impact of Gaming
At the opening session of the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA, on June 28, ALA President Loriene Roy announced that ALA would use a $1 million grant from the Verizon Foundation, which also sponsored the conference’s first-ever gaming pavilion… >>

Tennant: Digital Libraries blog post, 7/7/08: Shoot the Dogma
I had the distinct pleasure of moderating a panel at the recent American Library Association Annual Conference, “The Ultimate Debate: There’s No Catalog Like No Catalog”… >>

LJ Insider blog post, 7/5/08: A Tale of Two Sessions: Top Tech Trends and the Social Software Showcase
The LITA Top Tech Trends panel at ALA last Sunday was a little bit hard to watch (see the news summary here). >>

LJ News online, 7/3/08: SirsiDynix Report Corrected
Further investigation has revealed that inaccurate information from several industry sources was carried in the report. >>

LJ News online, 7/3/08: Top Tech Trends Panel Enlightens Despite Technology Troubles
The Top Tech Trends panel at the the 2008 ALA Annual conference identified topics such as open-source technology, APIs, and mobile devices among others as the most important trends for library technology in the coming years. >>

NOW PLAYING: Follow LJ editors as they attend events, panels, and parties, bringing you photo coverage as it happens.

LJ Insider blog post, 7/1/08: ALA Anaheim: All Quite on the Western Front
Hopped aboard Crying Baby Airlines in the wee hours yesterday morning for a return trip from ALA Annual in Anaheim. >>


LJ News online, 7/1/08: Advocates Say Librarians Have Crucial Rule To Preserve Privacy
In one sector of libraryland, some thinkers believe that the library profession’s well-grounded concern with patron privacy and confidentiality has hindered the provision of personalized services users have come to expect… >>

LJ News online, 6/30/08: At Session on the Future of Libraries, a Sense of Urgency
It was billed as just a beginning of a look at the future of libraries, but panelists at an American Library Association (ALA) annual conference session in Anaheim, CA, Saturday sure had a lot to say about how libraries and librarians need to move forward now. >>

Tennant: Digital Libraries blog post, 6/30/08: Google Gone
I noticed an interesting thing at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA this year. For the first time in a while, Google is not exhibiting. >>

PART 1: Following Cory Doctorow and others on the need to defend the right to privacy, LJ‘s Norman Oder talks to Jessamyn West (Librarian.net; MetaFilter) about the privacy balancing act in libraries today.PART 2: Recent McGill grad Ahniwa Ferrari, now with the Washington State Library, tells LJ‘s Rebecca Miller how his playing on the Library Society of the World led to inviting Jessamyn West to stab him, complete with ketchup.

LJ News online, 6/30/08: Gearing up for LSTA Reauthorization in 2009, Librarians Seek Flexibility
Librarians certainly value the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), the major federal program supporting libraries, but, when the law goes through reauthorization beginning in 2009, they’d sure like a bit more flexibility using the funds… >>

LJ News online, 6/30/08: Columbia’s Neal on Section 108 Study Group: Content Providers Digging in
This spring, the Section 108 Study Group, chartered in 2005 to inform legislative changes to update the Copyright Act’s exception for libraries and archives, delivered its long-awaited report… >>

LJ News online, 6/30/08: The World According to ALA’s Sheketoff: How to Lobby for What You Need
Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office, gave a standing-room audience the lowdown on “Lobbying for Operational Expenses”>>

Tennant: Digital Libraries blog post, 6/30/08: Why Sentence Case for Titles
At a program I was moderating at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim this weekend (“The Ultimate Debate: There’s No Catalog Like No Catalog”)… >>

In the Bookroom blog post, 6/29/08: Book Group RX and Chili Fresh
Book groups are not perfectly bound; even the longest-running organizations can suffer from strong personalities and gossip overload. >>

LJ News online, 6/29/08: ALA Annual Conference Attendance of 21,063 Represents Lag from 2007
Attendance for the 2008 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Anaheim, as of yesterday, was 21,063, including 15,436 registrants and 5627 exhibitor… >>

NOW PLAYING: At LJ‘s party for Steve Roskoski, the 2008 Paraprofessional of the Year, Multnomah County Libraries’ Director Molly Raphael tells LJ‘s Rebecca Miller about the many contributions paraprofessionals make to the library.

LJ Insider blog post, 6/29/08: “Patron” or “Customer”? Consultant Makes the Case for “Member”
So, are the people who use libraries “patrons” or “customers” or, for that matter, “users”? >>

LJ News online, 6/29/08: At SPARC Forum, News of the University of California’s Open Access Near Miss
We all know that the Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS) passed a pioneering Open Access (OA) mandate this February, but a lot of us didn’t know that the University of California (UC) almost got there first. >>

LJ Insider blog post, 6/29/08: ALA’s Sheketoff Gets Some Kudos
The executive director of the American Library Association’s Washington Office, Emily Sheketoff, is no shrinking violet… >>

LJ News online, 6/29/08: Recruitment of African American Men a Priority at ALA Conference Session
Those who attended “An Endangered Species: The Black Male Librarian,” a session at the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference yesteday in Anaheim… >>

LJ Insider blog post, 6/29/08: Anaheim Not a Repeat of Orlando, but I’ll Remember Long Walks in the Heat
So Anaheim 2008 is not Orlando 2004, as American Library Association (ALA) annual conferences go, but it’s not Washington, DC, or Chicago, either. >>

LJ News online, 6/29/08: LJ‘s Paraprofessional of the Year Takes It in Stride
LLSR—Librarians Love Steve Roskoski, LJ’s 2008 Paraprofessional of the Year, and why shouldn’t they? >>

NOW PLAYING: Chrystie Hill of Webjunction talks about Twitter and the aspects of it that drew her to the microblogging service.

Tennant: Digital Libraries blog post, 6/28/08: Footloose in Fantasyland
Disneyland is one of those places you really must experience at some point in your life. Sure, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there is simply nothing else like it in the world… >>

LJ News online, 6/28/08: ULC Kicks Off ALA 2008 with Fast Forward Conference
In a heady, challenging day-long program June 26, preceding the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim, the Urban Libraries Council brought together some 200 library directors, managers, and young librarians to consider transformational trends in learning and social networking that demand faster library innovation. >>

In the Bookroom blog post, 6/27/08: Airplane Sighting: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
I admire anyone who can read for nearly six hours straight on a plane. >>


Disneyland Hotel

  • ALA Aisle-by-Aisle Exhibitor Guide Coupons
    Discover great prizes, contests, promotions, giveaways, and discounts from ALA exhibitors. >>
  • What’s up for ALA 2008
    Find out what vendors and publishers are giving out, raffling away, and doing at thdeir booths on the exhibits floor. >>LJ online, 6/26/08: LJ Talks to Librarian/Author Scott Douglas
    The author of the “humor memoir” Quiet, Please discusses dealing with difficult people, how to improve library school, and how being a conservative Christian inspires librarianship. >>

    LJ InfoTech online, 6/24/08: InfoTech: DCPL First To Offer MP3 Audio Downloads
    MP3 audiobook downloads make their public library debut through OverDrive, which will be demoing the service at ALA. >>

    NOW PLAYING: Five hours in to the JFK-LAX flight to the conference, Random House’s Jen Childs tells LJ Executive Editor Rebecca Miller how well her chosen read has stood up to the cross country journey.

    LJ News online, 6/23/08: ALA Conference Attendance Lags Slightly
    Pre-conference registration figures released yesterday by the American Library Association (ALA) show that the totals (11,514) for the Annual Conference this week in Anaheim are down significantly… >>

    LJ, 6/15/08: NextGen: Field Trip
    As a library science student, how much would you pay for an inside look at the future of the profession? What if we threw in a little networking with your peers and future employers to sweeten the deal? >>

    LJ News online, 6/5/08: ALA Executive Board Approves “One Voice” Protocol
    At its spring meeting, the American Library Association (ALA) Executive Board reviewed and approved a Revised Protocol for Responding to Requests for Official ALA Positions, an effort to ensure that ALA units don’t contradict official ALA policy. >>

    LJ 6/1/08: Anaheim, ALA 2008: The Real Libraries of the OC
    A diverse urban/suburban county sees that reflected in its libraries. >>

    LJ 6/1/08: Anaheim, ALA 2008: Shifting with the Paradigm
    LJ‘s Picks & Pans for ALA in Disneyland. >>

    LJ 6/1/08: Anaheim, ALA 2008: OC Eats
    A longtime Anaheim resident and librarian gives the inside scoop on Orange County’s coolest culinary offerings. >>

    LJ News online, 5/30/08: When a Fire Hit, a Rural OC Library Was There To Help
    Wildfires last October in California hit San Diego County hard, with nearby Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange counties also suffering some serious damage. >>

    LJ News online, 4/29/08: ALA Summer Annual Conference Debuting Gaming Pavilion
    As with graphic novels, public libraries have been one of the greatest champions of putting gaming materials into the public’s awaiting hands. >>

    Academic Newswire, 4/22/08: SPARC-ACRL Forum Will Addresses Harvard Open Access Policy
    SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announced this week that the SPARC-ACRL Forum during the 2008 American Library Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA, will examine Harvard University’s recent faculty open access mandate. >>