February 17, 2018

OverDrive's Digital Bookmobile: A Sneak Peek!

Attendees of OverDrive’s second-ever Digipalooza conference, held at downtown Cleveland’s Renaissance Hotel last weekend, got an early look at the full-service digital media distributor and supplier’s Digital Bookmobile, whose debut the New York Public Library will be hosting in Central Park August 10th. Additional stops—at public libraries in cities including in Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, and Washington, DC—are planned through September 13th 2009; check here for a calendar of confirmed tour stops/dates [corrected 8/14].

The 74-foot-long, 18-wheel tractor-trailer, which OverDrive CEO Steve Potash described to me as “a caravan of excitement” at the ALA conference in Anaheim last month, is essentially a one-stop training extravaganza equipped with interactive computer stations, high-definition monitors, and portable media players through which users can search and sample their library’s digital media collection.

Director of Marketing David Burleigh showed me around, and I must say, even at this early stage, it’s impressive. Three contraband images, courtesy of a photographer wishing to remain anonymous:



  1. I’m curious to know where it will be stopping in Phoenix. Is that information available?

  2. Raya Kuzyk, LJ says:

    Hi, Sara. I just learned from OverDrive Marketing Director David Burleigh that there’s a stop tentatively scheduled for Phoenix the second week of March 2009 (it’s just an issue of securing permits). For a list of confirmed tour stops/dates, check this calendar, which OverDrive staff updates regularly: http://www.digitalbookmobile.com/Calendar.asp#emailupdate
    And FYI, I’ll be covering the Digital Bookmobile’s NYC debut this Sunday, so keep a lookout for my coverage early next week!